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Help my daughter keep her transgender child


We received the following heartwarming and challenging email today and want to share it with all our followers in an effort to Jake and his family as much support as we can. 

Dear Trans*Enough,

I am the grandmother of a 7 year old child named Jake. The reason I am contacting you today is because I need help. My daughter (Jake’s mom) is currently in a custody battle. Jake’s father has sued to take away her parenting rights because my daughter supports her child. My grandson is transgender—he was assigned female at birth but identifies as a boy. His father is unsupportive of his gender identity and has attacked the one person in his life he needs the most, his mom. 

My daughter hired an attorney to help her keep her parenting rights but the legal fees are more than she can handle. I have already given my daughter what I can but it is not enough. That’s why I created a campaign to raise money for her legal fees so she can keep custody of Jake. I am hoping by reaching out you can spread the word about this campaign I created. Please read the rest of my story at and consider a donation. If you need the case to be authenticated, please message me through here and we’ll be in touch with you. We are more than happy to authenticate the case for anyone. 

I would also greatly appreciate you sharing this information with your family, friends, allies, monthly email newsletters, business community, social media, etc. Jake and his mom need all the help they can get. 

Thank you,
Beth (Jake’s Grandma)




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